Bridge Scraper Reclaimer for Longitudinal Stockyard

NHI Group’s bridge scraper reclaimer for longitudinal stockyard is used for cement, coal, power plant, metallurgy, steel, chemical industry, and mainly for the homogenization of limestone, coal, iron ore, cement. Homogenizing scraper reclaimer is made up of lateral cantilever homogenizing stacker and bridge scraper reclaimer, they are travelling on their respective tracks.

Bridge Scraper Reclaimer

The scraper reclaimer designed by NHI Group can satisfy the technology process of the overall design, the reliability of the equipment use, and the equipment advancement to the maximum. In the overall design of scraper reclaimer, NHI strictly implement the technological layout by the design institute to assure the stacking & reclaiming capability . In the longitudinal stockyards, the bridge scraper relaimer adopts the different stacking process as per the different work conditions; in the round stockyards, it adopts the continuous combined stacking method to assure the blending result.

The bridge scraper reclaimer adopts the unmanned operation, can carry out the stacking and reclaiming work automatically, is a product of high automation degree.

NHI Group has set up several stacking and reclaiming methods to satisfy the different work conditions in the material stockyard to the maximum. Multiple styles of cooperation and study carried out together with the domestic universities and design institute play a positive role for the research, manufacture and development of the bridge stacker reclaimer.

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