Dewatering Machines – Vacuum Filter & Thickener

China’s first thickener comes from NHI Group. And NHI Group is the leader of the industry and the drafter of national standard. After the constant exploration of half a century in which our company has independently developed variety of specifications products and absorbed many advanced technologies in the industry of dewatering machines.

Vacuum Filter

Vacuum filter

Filter is one of the necessary equipment in the course of mineral processing. Depending on the pressure difference, it separates solid particle with liquid through the porous medium (including filter cloth, filter plate, etc.). Besides the pressure, filter carries on dewatering with the help of particle gravity itself and magnetic reunion during forming filter cake. It is widely applied in the industry of metal mine, non-metallic mine, coal, metallurgy, chemical, papermaking and other industries.

Vacuum filter is divided into cylinder-shaped (drum) filter, disk filter, horizontal belt filter based on different structure. Cylinder-shaped (drum) filter has also many types such as outer filtering, inner filtering, folding belt and permanent magnet outer filtering types. Disk filter is also divided into disk-type and ceramic filter.



Thickener is the right equipment which could work continuously on pulp thickening and water clarification. The thickener is mainly used for fine and tailing slurry dewatering in wet mineral processing operations. It is also applied in the industries of coal, iron and steel, chemical, water conservancy for the concentration and purification of solid slurry, which is of great importance in increasing backwater utilization rate and low-flow conveying density. At the same time, the thickener has played an important role in environment protection.

The central driving hydraulic rake-lifting thickener has efficient processing capacity, advanced structure, good automaticity and easy operating. By using hydraulic lifting device, level gauges and other equipment, the thickener is able to achieve lifting rake with segmentation, real-time monitoring and other functions.


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