TRB Rolling Mill for Automobile Field

NHI Group‘s Rolling Equipment Subsidiary Company has signed a contract with Dongbao Starfish Metal Tech Company on selling two sets of TRB rolling mill applied to automobile field.

TRB Rolling Mill

China is a big automobile country in great demand for parts and components in auto industries. And the related rolling technology for manufacturing such kinds of auto parts and components has been long controlled in Germany before. NHI Group, through unceasing effort in development and innovation, has developed China’s first set of TRB rolling mill to be delicately used in automobile field, which puts it in the leading position of this industry. It is of milestone with the striking breakthrough in the domestic market.

Meanwhile, NHI Group has established future long-terms cooperation with national key laboratory of Northeast University for resarching rolling technology and continuous rolling automation through the concluded project strategic cooperation agreement, creating the cooperation mode integrated with the production-learning-research mechanism in accordance with national regulation in real sense.

NHI Group will also conclude the contract for the finishing equipment to be used in automobile TRB rolling mill production line with Dongbao Starfish Metal Tech Company. With the exploration of and the application in this market, NHI Group will continue moving forward to expand its serving field and open up the overall market for TRB rolling mill in automobile industrial field, making contributions to the development of Chinese automobile field.

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